9 Best toners and astringents with witch hazel

toners and astringents with witch hazel
toners and astringents with witch hazel

Discover these 9 incredible toners and astringents with witch hazel for anti-aging and glass skin to add to your natural and organic skincare routine.

Table of contents of toners and astringents with witch hazel

What is witch hazel?

Witch hazel is a plant with incredible benefits that you’ll know below!

6 Amazing benefits of toners and astringentswith witch hazel

Witch hazel will be a great addition to your skincare routine because it’ll help you reach glass skin. That’s because it’s an astringent. So it helps reduce the size of your pores!

Another benefit of witch hazel is that it can help prevent premature aging, such as wrinkles and dark spots. Thanks, it’s an antioxidant because witch hazel has tannins and polyphenols.

Plus, it goes perfectly for oily skin because it removes excess oil. Also, it can help prevent breakouts.

Last but not least, witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties. So, it can help reduce puffiness.

9 Best toners and astringents with witch hazel

These are the best toner and astringents with witch hazel that you can find on the market:

– Thayers

$9,95 at Amazon

First, we have this classical toner with aloe vera to hydrate your skin. Meanwhile, glycerin attracts water to your skin.

Also, it contains rose water which calms your skin, reduces red skin, and has anti-aging properties. Plus, its citric acid brightens your skin.

– Leven Rose

$13,97 at Amazon

Next, we have this 100% organic toner with chamomile flower that protects your skin against free radicals, thanks to its polyphenols content. Plus, this flower reduces red skin.

Also, it has cucumber water to nurture your skin, is an antioxidant, and reduces swelling. Meanwhile, its ginger root brightens your skin.

– Humphreys

$9,30 at Amazon

Next, we have this toner grapefruit, a fruit rich in antioxidants. Thus, it protects your skin against free radicals that can cause early aging.

Also, this citric fruit has Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, such as citric and malic acid, that exfoliates your skin. So, it’ll give you smooth skin.

– Bioré

$5,99 at Amazon

On the other hand, we have this toner with 2% of salicylic acid to remove blackheads, excess sebum, and acne. Meanwhile, it helps prevent breakouts.

So, it’ll leave a matte look without imperfections!

– Sky Organics

$10,45 at Amazon

Also, we have another toner for acne-prone skin with the natural ingredient: tea tree oil. And as this study found helps remove acne, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Plus, this oil helps remove extra oil. Also, it’s an antioxidant, so it helps protect your skin against free radicals that can cause damage to your skin.

– Acne Free

$18,95 at Amazon

Then, we have hydrating toner, thanks to its aloe vera, which fights free radicals that can damage your skin, thanks to its antioxidant content.

Plus, glycolic acid exfoliates your face, so it’ll leave your more soft skin.

Also, it can help you achieve a more youthful look because it helps boost your collagen production and fade your dark spots.

– InstaNatural

$12,57 at Amazon

Another toner for younger skin it has vitamin C. So, it’ll brighten your skin, can help boost your collagen production, fade dark spots, and may help tighten your skin.

Plus, this toner contains a non-comedogenic essential oil: lavender oil. So that it won’t clog your pores, thus, won’t lead you to breakouts.

Also, it moisturizes your skin and, as an antioxidant, can help prevent premature aging. Furthermore, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it can help reduce red skin.

Last but not least, it’s another essential oil: geranium oil, which soothes your skin, is antibacterial, and can help tighten your skin!

– Bliss

$9,49 at Amazon

Following this list of best toners and astringents with witch hazel, we have this toner with the famous ingredient: hyaluronic acid that attracts water to your skin. So, it can help keep it hydrated.

Also, watermelon nourishes your skin, has antioxidant properties, and prevents water loss. Plus, it has willow bark to remove excess oil, helps reduce large pores, and reduces red skin.

– Dr Teal’s 

$14,51 at Amazon

Finally, we have this toner that brightens your skin, thanks to its citric acid content. On the other hand, coconut water and aloe vera hydrate your skin.

The bottom line of the 9 best toners and astringents with witch hazel

Even though these toners are very effective, some work better for one skin type or concern. So, I made a list of the best toners and astringents with witch hazel that can suit your needs:

  • Sensitive skin: Thayers
  • Dry skin: Dr Teal’s 
  • Combination skin: Bliss
  • Oily skin: Bioré
  • Acne-prone skin: Sky Organics
  • Anti-aging: InstaNatural

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