How to use a gua sha amazingly easy step-by-step

How to use a gua sha
How to use a gua sha

If you’ve been on Tiktok, I’m pretty sure you watch multiple skincare routines using this famous ancient tool: gua sha. So, check out this complete guide to learn what it is, its benefits, and how to use a gua sha!

Table of content of how to use a gua sha

What is gua sha?

Gua sha is a traditional skincare tool from China that is flat and angled. And nowadays, this holistic treatment is made from crystals or stones.

What does gua sha do?

This ancient tool helps promote your lymphatic drainage and stimulates your blood flow.

When to use gua sha?

You can use gua sha every day in your skincare routine. Although, if you’re experiencing tenderness or redness, reduce the time of using it.

Plus, you may want to reduce the pressure using this tool if you’re doing it too hard.

Even so, if you don’t want to use it daily, you can use this Chinese tool twice o three times a week in your day or night skincare routine. And, still, you’ll have the benefits of gua sha.

Now let’s talk about when it’s best to use it in your day or night skincare routine. And, it’ll depend on your needs or skin concerns!

It’s best to use it in your morning beauty routine if you’re experiencing puffiness. But, if you want to relax your muscles and relieve tension, it’s best to use it at night.

Although, you can still use it at both times: day and night beauty routine.

Benefits of gua sha

Gua sha is well-known for its incredible benefits for your skin, such as it may help reduce your inflammation because it promotes blood flow.

Thus, gua sha can help reduce puffiness and swelling. Plus, gua sha can help with the signs of aging, such as saggy skin.

Another great benefit is that it may give you a glowy look. That’s because it increases blood circulation and improves lymphatic function.

The final benefit of gua sha is that it may relax and relieve tension on your neck and face.

Gua sha side effects

This traditional tool is usually well-tolerated to use for your skin. Although this tool can cause temporary red skin, it disappears quickly.

Even so, it should avoid if you:

  • had surgery in the last six weeks.
  • take blood thinners.
  • have an infection, tumor, or wound.
  • have deep vein thrombosis.

How to use a gua sha?

Step 1 of how to use a gua sha

As usual, start your skincare routine, cleansing your face. After, clean your gua sha.

Step 2 of how to use a gua sha

After, use every skin care product, as usual in your skincare routine, until you arrive at the oil. Then, apply a generous quantity of your favorite oil to your face and neck.

Step 3 of how to use a gua sha

Now, it’s time to use your gua sha! So, hold your tool at a 30º or 45º angle and gently scrape it on your skin.

And, always remember to do moments up and follow your lymphatic system. Plus, repeat every movement three or five times per area of your skin. Then, go to the next.

And, for every part of your face and neck, follow these skin care tips on how to use gua sha:

  • Neck:

First, let’s start with your neck. So, take your gua sha. Then, from the inwardly curved side, go up from your neck until your jawline.

  • Jaw:

Next, use the part of the heart of your gua sha to make a sweeping motion from your chin until the end of your left or right jaw. Then, do it on the other part of your jaw.

  • Cheecks:

After, use the longest part of your ancient tool, and move it from your mouth and nose to your hairline.

Plus, remember to follow the shape of your cheekbones. And repeat the movent three or five times. Next, do the same to the other cheeks.

  • Under eyes:

Then, use the longest part of the heart of your gua sha and sweep up from your nose to your hairline. And, follow the curve of your eye.

  • Eyebrows:

After continuing using the heart part of your gua sha. Although, this time but with a short area. And from your underneath eyebrow, move your gua sha until your hairline.

As a usual repeat, this movement three or five times and after go to the other eyebrow.

  • Forehead:

Finally, use the longest part of your ancient tool and upwards from your eyebrow to the top of your forehead.

Step 4 of how to use a gua sha

Finally, gently massage your skin with your fingers until the remaining oil is absorbed. Or, you can remove the excess oil with a soft towel.

The best ancient tool to try: Gua sha!

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The bottom line of how to use a gua sha and its benefits

This ancient tool goes well to improve your lymphatic drainage and blood flow, which may lead to glowing and tightened skin.

Plus, to use it is very simple because you only have to follow the structure of your face and do it upward every moment a couple of times.

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