Side effects of niacinamide and 10 amazing benefits


– Controls oily skin

Niacinamide reduces sebum production, as this study suggests. Thus, it helps remove your oily or greasy skin.

– Reduces large pores

So, by removing excess oil, it’ll minimize your large pores.

– Improves dry skin

Also, niacinamide increases ceramide production, which this study shows, is a component that helps prevent water loss. Thus, it helps retain the moisturizer on your skin.

– Evens your skin tone

Plus, it helps fade your dark spots from acne or melasma because it inhibits the transfer from the pigment-producing cells to skin cells.

– Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Even as this study suggests, 5% niacinamide help improve the signs of aging because it boosts collagen production.

– Helps with rosacea

Furthermore, it’s a gentle ingredient that improves the signs of rosacea, like dry and red skin, inflammation, and sensitivity by strengthening the skin barrier.

– Treats acne

Also, it helps treat inflammatory acne vulgaris without the side effect of bacterial resistance that other ingredients can create, as this study suggests.

– Improves the elasticity of your skin

Another study shows that niacinamide helps improves elasticity on the skin because it increases collagen production and inhibits glycation.

– Antioxidant

Last but not least, as an antioxidant ingredient protect your skin against free radicals, which can damage your skin and create wrinkles and dark spots.

Side effects of niacinamide

When comes to the side of niacinamide, as a very gentle ingredient is generally very safe to use.
Even so, high concentrations can cause some irritations. So, start with low concentration, and level up over time.
But, always do a patch test to know how your skin reacts, especially in high concentrations.

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