10 Easy home remedies for sunburn

Home remedies for sunburns

Learn how to do home remedies for sunburn on your face, like on your nose, using natural ingredients that you can find easily in your kitchen, like apple cider vinegar or coconut oil.
These home remedies that cure your mild sunburn target skin issues that come with it, such as irritated or dehydrated skin.

Apple cider vinegar for sunburn

First, in this list of home remedies for sunburn, we have diluted apple cider vinegar because it helps balance the ph of your sunburned skin.
Thus, it relieves your pain and aids reduce blisters from forming.
Plus, its antiseptic properties, which means that it kills bacteria and relieves discomfort.

Witch hazel as a home remedy for sunburn

Next, we have witch hazel, which has tannins, hamamelitannins, and proanthocyanidins which are anti-inflammatory components. So, it helps soothe your irritated skin.
Plus, this study suggests that it reduces the redness of sunburn.

Black tea as a remedy for sunburn at home

Next, you can soak one black tea bag in water at room temperature and wait for 1 or 2 minutes. After, use a cotton pad to apply it to your sunburn.
With this remedy, it’ll remove the heat of the sunburn, thanks to its content of theobromine. Plus, it’s polyphenols that help reduce sun damage.

Potatoes for sunburns

Also, in this list of home remedies for sunburn, we have potatoes, which it has starch. This component is responsible for helping reduce your pain and heat while it aids speed healing.
To create this DIY treatment, you have two options: the first is to cut the potatoes and apply them to your skin. Meanwhile, the other option is to blend them and lay them on your sunburn for 15 minutes.

Greek yogurt for sunburn

After, we have a DIY sunburn relief with greek yogurt that helps reduce redness and sensitivity, thanks to its probiotics content.
Plus, it contains lactic acid that soothes your skin.
For this remedy, use plain greek yogurt, apply it to your sunburn, and wait for 15 minutes. After, rinse it off with cool water.

Cucumber for sunburn remedy

After, we have cucumber, a very hydrating remedy for sunburn at home, which has antioxidants that helps reduce the sun damage caused by free radicals.
Plus, its analgesic properties and caffeic acid help relief your pain.
For this home remedy for sunburn, blend the cucumber. Then, apply the paste to the affected area, like your nose. After 15 minutes and wash it with cool water.

Baking soda as a remedy for sunburn at home

Continuing in this list of home remedies for sunburn is using a baking soda because it helps balance the ph of your skin. So, it calms the sting.
So, for a small area to treat: mix two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water in a bowl. After, apply it to the sunburn area, like on your face, and wait for some minutes. Next, rinse it off with cold water.
But, to relieve a significant sunburn, sprinkle some baking soda into the bath with cool water and soak for about 15 and 20 minutes.

Aloe vera gel for sunburn remedy

On the other hand, you can apply aloe vera gel to your sunburn area because of its bradykinase activity that its anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, it may help reduce redness and pain.
Plus, it contains an antiseptic: salicylic acid. So it helps soothe discomfort and prevent infections.
Meanwhile, it helps remove dehydration from sunburn, thanks to the component mucopolysaccharides, which aid retain the hydration in your skin.
Also, aloe vera helps reduce sun damage because it has antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

Oatmeal as a home remedy for sunburn

Then, we have oats, which have anti-inflammatory properties that relief your discomfort while their antioxidants reduce your skin damage.
So for an immense sunburn, do an oat bath: sprinkle some oats and soak in cool water.
On the other hand, for a tinny sunburn: chop some oats, mix them with some water to create a paste, apply to your sunburn and wait for 15 minutes. Then, rinse it off with water.

Green tea as a home remedy for sunburn

Next, in this list of home remedies for sunburn, we have a teabag: green tea. That contains tannic acid and theobromine relief discomfort and heal damage.
So, to create this DIY remedy: soak in water one bag of green tea at room temperature. After, wait for 1 or 2 minutes. After, use a cotton pad to apply it to your sunburn.

Coconut oil for sunburn

Another good remedy for sunburn is coconut oil which absorbs fast on your skin and calms irritation. Plus, it helps rehydrate your skin. 
For this homemade remedy, apply a cold compress to the sunburned skin for 15 minutes to cool down the temperate. After, use coconut oil in this area.

Strawberry for sunburn

On the other hand, we have strawberries that reduce your redness, thanks to their tannins content.
Also, this component has antioxidant properties that help reduce your sun damage.
So, to soothe your skin, mash some strawberries, mix them with a little bit of cornstarch, and apply it to your sunburn.

Honey for sunburn

At the end of this list of home remedies for sunburn is honey, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it helps calm your itching skin.
Plus, it’s an antioxidant. Thus, it helps repair the damage caused by free radicals from UV rays.

The bottom line of home remedies for sunburn

These home remedies for sunburn help treat some skin issues that usually come with it, like discomfort, dehydration, pain, or redness.
But, these home remedies for sunburn may work best for one specific skin type. For example, coconut oil and honey are best for dry skin.
On the hand, baking soda and witch hazel for oily skin. Meanwhile, for combination skin use as a DIY remedy to help cure sunburn: aloe vera.
Last but not least, use green tea if you want anti-aging properties for your DIY remedy for mild sunburn.

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