Anti-aging serums


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First, we have this serum with the holy grail ingredients for anti-aging: retinol, which helps reduce your wrinkles and fade your hyperpigmentation.
Plus, it contains squalane that hydrates your skin.

Peptides serum

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Next, this serum from Korean beauty with peptides helps boost collagen production, tighten your skin, and hydrate it.
Also, it’s adenosine that decreases the appearance of your wrinkles.

Q10 Serum

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Following this list, we have another great serum with peptides which has Q10, too, which gives energy to your cells. So, it helps repair and regenerates your cells.
Also, this ingredient as an antioxidant helps protect your skin against free radicals.
Plus, it contains glycerin, aloe barbadensis, and hyaluronic acid that keep your skin hydrated.

Vitamin C serum

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After, this vitamin c serum will help boost collagen production and brighten your face.
And along with vitamin E protects your skin against free radicals and fades your hyperpigmentation.
Meanwhile, vitamin E with hyaluronic keeps your skin hydrated.


$15,99 at Amazon

On the other, we have a serum that helps treat other skin aging concerns, such as a weak skin barrier.
So, this serum has essential ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide, and vitamin B5 which help repair and firm it. Thus, it helps prevent water loss.

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