Products to get rid of blackheads


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First, we have this mask with dead sea mud, which cleans your pores, absorbs excess oil, and removes your blackheads.
Plus, vitamin E protects your skin against free radicals. Along with aloe vera and jojoba oil, help keep your skin hydrated.

Budget-friendly mask for sensitive skin

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Next, we have a mask perfect for every budget with a very effective ingredient that helps remove blackheads: charcoal.
Plus, this mask is hypoallergenic, so it makes perfect for sensitive skin.


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Following this list, we have a serum from Korean beauty that reduces the number of blackheads and comedones, thanks to galactomyces.
Also, its niacinamide helps balance oil production. Plus, it increases the elasticity of your skin.


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Next, we have an exfoliating product that you can use once a week to remove your dead cells to unclog pores, remove dull skin, and promote other skincare products to penetrate more deeply into your skin.
Plus, this product has salicylic acid that deeply cleans your pores and removes whiteheads and blackheads.
Also, if you have large pores, it’ll help minimize them.
Even more, it contains green tea, an anti-aging ingredient.

Are you layering your skincare products correctly?

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