The Ordinary: step-by-step anti-aging skincare routine


1. Cleanser

The first step of your morning skincare is using a gentle cleanser that removes your impurities and sweat from sleep.
Plus, it’s moisturizing, thanks to squalane and lipophilic esters, so your skin won’t feel tight or dry.
Also, squalane is responsible for softening the texture of your skin and increasing the elasticity of your skin, too.

Step 2

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Next, use this serum with 2% of hyaluronic acid, a great ingredient to hydrate your skin while it helps reduce the depth of your wrinkles.
Plus, it contains vitamin B5 to smooth and soften your skin while hydrating it.

Step 3

After, apply this serum with the antioxidants niacinamide and zinc that protect your skin because it fights free radicals that harm your skin and age it faster.
Thus, it helps prevent premature aging.
Plus, niacinamide helps even your skin tone and shrinks your large pores. So, it’ll help to give you glass skin.
Also, zinc helps boost your collagen promotion. So, it helps minimize your fine lines.

Step 4

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Next, use this moisturizer to help minimize your fine lines, help fade the appearance of your sunspots, and soften your skin thanks to the ingredient: tocopherol.
Also, tocopherol, as an antioxidant, fight free radicals. So, it helps prevent premature aging.

Step 5

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To end your morning routine, use this sunscreen daily because it helps protect your skin from the free radicals from the sun that cause you aging.
Also, it helps prevent dark spots.


Step 1

The first step in your night routine is using the same cleanser from the morning skincare routine, which helps remove your makeup and sunscreen, too.

Step 2

As the second step, use this serum to boost collagen and elasticity for a more firm and youthful look, thanks to ingredient peptides.

Step 3

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Next, introduce this serum slowly in your skincare routine, containing granactive retinoid, which is responsible for accelerating your skin turnover.
Thus, it helps reduce your signs of aging, like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Step 4

Following your routine, use this eye serum to remove dark circles, thanks to the 5% caffeine and EGCG that it contains.
Plus, caffeine is responsible for reducing your puffiness, too. Meanwhile, EGCG brings elasticity to your eye area.

Step 5

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Next, this fast-absorbing oil has vitamin C to boost your collagen promotion, even your skin, and protect your skin.
Plus, it softens your skin thanks to the essential fatty acids of rosehip seed oil.

Step 6

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Last but not least, use the same moisturizer from your morning routine to keep your skin hydrated.

Once a week at night

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Once a week in your evening routine, exfoliate your skin using this serum with lactic acid, a gentle ingredient that helps remove your dead cells. So, it’ll soften your skin.
Plus, this ingredient is responsible for stimulating cell turnover. Thus, it helps your even skin tone and minimizes your wrinkles. Also, it helps tighten and firm your skin.

Are you layering your skincare products correctly?

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