How to determine my skin type?

First, you cleanse your face. Next, gently pat your face with a towel and don’t apply any skincare product. After, wait for about 30 minutes.
Finally, check out your face to see how it reacts to discover your skin type:
– Oily skin: your face is shiny.
– Dry skin: your face feels tight.
– Normal skin: Your face doesn’t is shiny neither it feels tightened.
– Combination skin: Your face is a combination of two skin types: oily skin and dry or normal skin.
Commonly, in the T-zone, it means your forehead, nose, and chin are oily skin. So, your skin in this zone is shiny.
Meanwhile, in your cheeks, if it feels tight, is dry skin but if it feels balanced is normal skin.
– Sensitive skin: Your face is irritated, red, or inflamed.

Are you layering your skincare products correctly?

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