7 Best moisturizers for your oily skin

To remove your acne

$19,95 at Amazon

The first in this list is a hydrating cream due to aloe vera, while tea tree clears up your acne and prevents future breakouts.

Reduce your larges pores

$31,99 at Amazon

Next, we have a lightweight moisturizer with salicylic acid, which can reduce your large pores for a more glass face.
Meanwhile, another ingredient: perlite, will give you a more matte complexion because it can absorb your excess oil.

Korean brand

$25 at Amazon

In the third place, we have a famous Korean brand Corsx that will nourish, calm, and help maintain the hydration on your skin thanks to birch sap.
Also, this fast-absorbing moisturizer has Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil that will help prevent you from having future breakouts.

The most budget-friendly option

$5,33 at Amazon

Following this list, we have a very budget option for just under $6 at Amazon, which will hydrate your skin without clogging your pores. Plus, this moisturizer has gentle ingredients. So, it’s perfect for sensitive skin too.

Mattifying cream

$6,99 at Amazon

After, we have a moisturizer with bamboo to absorb the excess oil off your skin, while aloe vera hydrates and softens your skin. So, it’ll give you a shine-free and smooth look.

For anti-aging

$19,99 at Amazon

One of the last lotions of this list has witch hazel that balances oil production. So, it can help reduce the excess oil on your face. Plus, it’s soothing on your skin.
Plus, it has vitamin C which will brighten and tighten your skin while supporting collagen production. So, it’ll give you a radiant and younger look.

Luxury brand

$68,70 at Amazon

At the end of our list, we have a luxury moisturizer from Tatcha that has natural ingredients like Japanese wild rose to minimize your pores and smoothes your skin.
Meanwhile, it’s Japanese leopard lily that will help your skin reduce oil production while calming your skin.
Thus, after using this cream, you’ll have a glass and a radiant face.

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