Step-by-step Korean skincare routine for your oily skin

Oil-based cleanser

$19,99 at Amazon

The first step of your skincare routine is using an oil cleanser that helps you remove your make-up and sunscreen.
Meanwhile, it deep cleans your pores to prevent breakouts and reduce blackheads.
Plus, this specific cleanser has Cananga Odorata flower oil that helps control sebum production, while Calendula Flowers Extract calms your skin.

Water-based cleanser

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Secondly in your skincare routine is the second part of double cleansing: use this foam cleanser that penetrates deeply in your pores to clean them. So, it helps to prevent them from clogging.
Plus, it contains volcanic clusters to absorb your excess oil and impurities. So, it’ll help remove the greasy face to give you a more shine-free look.


$25 at Amazon

The following step you have to do is exfoliant your skin once a week in your nighttime skincare routine, which removes the dead cells of your skin.
So, the other products of your skincare routine can work more deeply on your skin and be more effective.
Plus, exfoliant your skin can help you achieve a more radiant look and glowy face.
Furthermore, this exfoliant has BHA, which helps remove your blackheads and whiteheads while helping prevent future breakouts.


$22 at Amazon

Next, use this toner with aloe vera, which hydrates your face while willow bark and tea oil reduce your excess sebum and reduce large pores.
Also, it’s chamomile that lightens your discoloration. So, it can help you even your skin tone.
Plus, this toner has anti-aging properties thanks to these ingredients: Centella Asiatica, aloe vera, madecassoside, and chamomile that will give you more younger-looking skin.
Meanwhile, PHA helps remove dullness, so it’ll give you a more radiant and energic look.


$9,99 at Amazon

Following your skin care routine, use this serum which helps reduce your excess oil thanks to niacinamide and zinc.
Further, zinc has anti-inflammatory properties, while niacinamide helps even your skin tone and strengthens your skin barrier.
Plus, hyaluronic acid helps hydrate and plump fine lines.

Face mask

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After, use this face mask for 20 minutes. That it helps to absorb your excess oil, shrink your pores, soothe your skin, and remove your blackheads, due that it has charcoal as an ingredient.


$14,99 at Amazon

Finally, use this lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly on your skin without clogging your pores.
Plus, it has vitamin B3 which helps regulate your oil production and minimize your large pores. So, it’ll give you more matte and glass skin.
Meanwhile, this moisturizer will reduce your redness while calming irritation, thanks to Centella Asiatica leaf water.
Also, it contains Tea Tree leaf water which has antibacterial properties. So, it can help to prevent future breakouts.

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