7 Best moisturizers for your dry skin

For redness

$14,99 at Amazon

This gentle moisturizer has licorice extract, allantoin, and caffeine to soothe your redness.
So, it’ll help you achieve an even skin tone.

For dehydrated skin

$18,98 at Amazon

The Neutrogena moisturizer will highly hydrate your face, so it’ll remove your dehydration. That’s because of its detailed formulation, which has essential ingredients for dry skin.
That includes glycerin and cetearyl olivate to hydrate your epidermis. Meanwhile, another component: hyaluronic acid, attracts moisturizer and locks it in your skin.
Plus, it contains dimethicone that prevents water loss from your skin.
So, add this moisturizer to your skincare routine for a more plump and glowy face.

Budget friendly

$6,45 at Amazon

This super budget-friendly moisturizer is under $6,87 at Amazon with classic ingredients but super effective like glycerin to deeply hydrate your epidermis.
Plus, another component that prevents your moisturization loss: sorbitan oleate.
So, this rich moisturizer will plump and smooth your skin.


This anti-aging moisturizer will help firm your face, and it’s all thanks to two components of this cream: niacinamide and ceramides.
Plus, niacinamide will help even your skin tone too.
Also, it has peptides that help your skin be more elastin, stimulate collagen production, and reduce the appearance of your fine lines.
So, this moisturizer will help you look younger and radiant while hydrating your face with shea butter and hyaluronic acid.

For acne-prone skin

$14,48 at Amazon

This cream will absorb quickly in your skin. So, it won’t leave you with a greasy feeling.
Plus, it comes with 5% of tea tree oil, which is a natural ingredient that fights acne.
Also, it’s shea butter to hydrate your epidermis, while ceramides help retain the moisture in your skin.
Thus, this moisturizer will give a plump and flawless face.

For flaky and rought skin

$19,99 at Amazon

Last but not least, we have a non-irritating moisturizer for sensitive skin that helps soften your rough skin, and it’s all thanks to sunflower seed oil and fatty omega acids.
Meanwhile, other components of this cream, like allantoin and amino acids, help nourish moisture and soothe your flaky skin.
Plus, it helps restore your skin barrier and keep the moisture on your epidermis because it contains ceramides.
After adding this lotion to your skincare routine, you’ll see that your skin is more soft and glowy.

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