7 Best products for your oily skin

Mattifying moisturizer

$6,99 at Amazon

This moisturizer made for oily skin will give a matte appearance because it contains bamboo, which it’ll absorb your excess oil.
While aloe vera helps hydrate and smooth your face.

Exfoliant that removes your blackheads

$10 at Amazon

This exfoliant has 2% of BHA (beta hydroxy acid). So it’ll remove your blackheads while helping prevent your future breakouts.
Plus, it’ll draw your dead cells gently. So, it’ll help you have a more smooth texture.

Sheet mask that reduces your redness

$9,95 at Amazon

This Korean sheet mask has some natural ingredients, such as a tee tree, that reduce your redness and soothe your acne.
Also, it contains the antioxidant chamomile, which calms the irritation of your skin.
Furthermore, it contains lotus flowers that hydrate and brighten your face.
So, after using this mask, your face will be calmer and more even skin tone.

Overnight treatment to unclog your pores

$7 at Amazon

You can use this overnight patch for your nose, forehead, and chin to absorb your excess oil, draws out pus, unclog your pores, and minimize your large pores.
So, when you wake, you’ll have glass skin.

Moisturizer for acne-prone skin

$8,78 at Amazon

This moisturizer will absorb rapidly into your skin to remove your acne because it’s 0.5% salicylic acid. Also, it contains glycerin to hydrate your skin.
So, use this moisturizer for a more plump face without imperfections and for a smooth texture of your skin.

Mask for sentive skin

$13,99 at Amazon

This clay mask has bentonite clay, an ingredient that absorbs your excess oil and the impurities of your skin, so it’ll help to unclog your pores. Therefore, it’ll help to prevent future breakouts.
Also, it contains Amazonian kaolin clay to gently exfoliate your skin. So, it’ll remove the dead cells of your skin.
Plus, this mask has apple fruit extract to hydrate your epidermis while cucumber seed extract will brighten the skin tone of your face.
So, after using this mask, your face will be smooth and radiant.

Serum that minamizes your pores

$11,94 at Amazon

This serum has 1% zinc that will reduce your oil production. So, it’ll help give you a more matte look.
While a component of this serum of 10% of the formula: niacinamide, will help unclog and minimize your large pores. So with this element, this serum will give you a glass face.

Natural scrub that removes excess oil, acne scars, and cellulite

$8,35 at Amazon

This scrub for your body and face has natural ingredients like Himalayan salt.
This ingredient absorbs the excess oil and detoxifies your skin. While helping reduce your cellulite. So, your skin will be smoother and matte.
Plus, this scrub contains shea butter too which hydrates your skin and nourishes your skin because it’s vitamin A, pure Vitamin E oil, and F that will help keep your skin younger.

Natural toner for oil control

$10,76 at Amazon

This toner has some natural ingredients like grapefruit, which helps remove the excess oil from your face.
Also, it contains a powerful antioxidant: pomegranate, which promotes cell regeneration.
Plus, it’s witch hazel to get rid of the dirt and impurities.
So, this toner will give a shine-free face.

Overnight patch to get rid of your blemishes

$7,75 at Amazon

This patch has a hydrocolloid ingredient that absorbs the pus and impurities of your pimples.
Plus, this patch helps reduce the inflammation and redness around your spots.
So, this is a fast treatment to clear up your pimples that only last overnight which helps create a more even skin tone and soft skin.

Anti-aging serum

$15,92 at Amazon

This serum is a 2 x 1 product because will help keep your skin look younger while taking care of your oily skin.
That happens because has some key ingredients, such as:
Zinc: reduce your excess oil.
Niacinamide: gets rid of your discoloration and redness.
Ginger: reduces your inflammation and irritation.
Vitamin C: it is an antioxidant ingredient that promotes collagen production and brightens your face.
Hyaluronic acid: hydrate your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines.
Witch hazel: reduce your oil production and redness while calming your skin.
So, add this multi-beneficial serum to your skincare routine for a more shine-free, smooth, even skin tone, and youthful appearance.

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