7 Affordable products for your dry skin

Hydrating cream with anti-aging properties

$8.49 at Amazon

It’s a rich cream but lightweight, so it’ll penetrate rapidly into your skin without leaving it greasy.
This gel has glycerin, fruit water, and panthenol that will hydrate and moisturize your skin.
Additionally, this cream will prevent your skin from being dehydrated because panthenol with dimethiconol will prevent your transepidermal water loss.
Also, it’s an anti-aging cream because it has vitamin C that fights free radicals, so it prevents them from damaging your dermis.
Also, vitamin C may boost collagen production. So, you may have more firm and younger skin.

Natural toner that removes your redness and tightens your pores

$9,59 at Amazon

This toner has natural hydrating ingredients, such as rosewater, witch hazel extract, and aloe vera.
Plus, witch hazel tights your pores, reduces your redness, controls your breakouts, minimizes your redness, and regulates your oil production too.
Therefore, witch hazel helps you achieve glass skin.

Hydrating serum for senstive skin

$14,90 at Amazon

This serum has the iconic ingredient for dry skin: hyaluronic acid, which may hold 1,000 times its weight in water.
Plus, it contains vitamin B5 that heals your skin, so it makes it perfect if you have sensitive skin.
Also, it’ll support your skin barrier function. Thus, it’ll reduce your trans-epidermal water loss.
Along with snow mushroom and glycerin, it’ll hydrate your skin for a more plump and smooth texture of your face.

Natural gel

$11,96 at Amazon

This gel has natural ingredients like lavender oil, sunflower seed oil, calendula extract, and rosemary oil that will hydrate your skin while smoothing your texture.

Natural mask

$7,32 at Amazon

This wash-off mask has some natural ingredients like oat that will help retain moisture in your epidermis. Then, it’ll prevent your skin from dehydration.
Plus, it aid restore the normal pH of your skin.
Also, this mask has pumpkin seed extract and feverfew extract to nourish and hydrate your skin for a more glowy look.

Cream that realives your itchy skin

$14,58 at Amazon

This lotion will relieve your itchy skin because it’s pramoxine hydrochloride that calms your skin and gets rid of your itchy skin. Plus, it’s niacinamide calms your epidermis too.
Therefore with the combination of these two ingredients, you will have soft and smooth skin.
Plus, it has ceramides to firm your skin and help retain your moisturizer in your dermis. And while hyaluronic acid attracts water into your skin, glycerin hydrates it.

Moisturing mask with anti-aging properties

$16,99 at Amazon

This hydrating mask has ceramides. So, it will prevent your transepidermal water loss. Then, it’ll help keep your skin moisturized.
Plus, it contains glycerin and cocoa butter. So, make sure that your skin is hydrated. Meanwhile, vitamin C and E will protect you from free radicals.
So, using this mask, your skin will look glowy, soft, and youthful.

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