7 Best products to get rid of acne

Paula’s Choice

Bacteria usually cause acne. So, it’s essential to have in your skincare routine a product that can kill it. Such as this product that has benzoyl peroxide, an antibacterial ingredient. Therefore, it can remove your acne.
But this ingredient can be irritating to your skin. Although, this product has bisabolol and allantoin that calms your skin. Therefore, it’ll be gentle on your skin to clear up your acne.


But sometimes, excess oil can cause acne. So for that case is better to use salicylic acid in your skincare products. Such as this from CeraVe.
Plus, this gel has glycerin that hydrates your skin and ceramide to keep the moisturized on your epidermis. Thus, you’ll have a smooth face.
Also, it has niacinamide that reduces your large pores. So, it’ll give you a glass look.


This drugstore product has benzoyl peroxide, and as I told you before, it helps remove your acne for its antibacterial properties.


If you have sensitive skin, this should be your product because it is gentle on your skin.
Plus, it helps reduce your inflammation and redness while preventing your future acne.
So, it’ll help you to have a more even skin tone.

Mario Badescu

This product can help get rid of your pimples overnight. Because it dries them, it makes them less visible.


Another treatment that targets your pimples overnight is these patches from Cosrx.

Are you layering your skincare products correctly?

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