7 Ingredients to get rid of your acne

1. Benzoyl peroxide

Acne is made of bacteria that benzoyl peroxide can kill. Therefore, it’ll help get rid of your acne.
Although, benzoyl peroxide can bleach your hair and declaration your cloth and bed linen. So, be careful when you apply it to your skin.

2. Tea tree oil

This oil is very gentle, so it’s perfect if you have sensitive skin. Although, it’ll remove your acne more slowly. But it won’t irritate your skin.

3. Adapalene

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The third ingredient in our list that can help get rid of your acne is a form of vitamin A: adapalene.
This form of vitamin also can decrease your redness and swelling while it helps unclog your pores.

4. Sulfur

Another great ingredient to treat your acne is sulfur because it removes excess oil from your, which can cause your breakouts. Plus, it’ll help to prevent them in the future.

5. Salicylic acid

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As I told you before, reducing oil on your face is a great way to eliminate your acne, which salicylic acid can do.

6. Azelaic acid

As you know, bacteria leads to acne. So, it’s essential to have an antibacterial ingredient in your skincare routine, such as azelaic acid, to get rid of your acne.

7. Alpa-hydroxy acids

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The last ingredient that helps get rid of your acne is alpha-hydroxy acid which the most common are glycolic acid and lactic acid.
These acids help reduce your inflammation and improve the appearance of your acne scars.

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