3 Side effects of retinol but 7 strong benefits

I’m pretty sure that hearing about this famous ingredient, especially if you have acne or are into anti-aging skincare. So, this complete guide is for you because you’ll learn all the strong benefits, how to mix, when to use, and the side effects of retinol.


Anti-aging properties

The first benefit of retinol is that it can fight your signs of aging. As this study suggests, using 0.3 or 0.5% retinol serum will help reduce your wrinkles and fade your hyperpigmentation after eight weeks of using it.

Get rid of acne

Also, retinol unclogs pores, so it’ll clear your skin while it prevents future breakouts. Plus, it can reduce the redness and swelling that comes with acne.

When to use it

Retinol can increase your photosensitivity, so it’s better to use it in your night skincare routine.

How to mix retinol?

Building a proper skincare routine can be tricky because of the difficulty of mixing ingredients. But, don’t you worry, I caught your cover!

– Can you use niacinamide with retinol?

Yes, you can mix it, and niacinamide will give you a lot of benefits for anti-aging or any skin type. That’s because it’s an antioxidant that prevents water loss, improves elasticity, helps control oily skin, and much more!

– Can you use vitamin c and retinol together?

Even though vitamin C and retinol don’t cancel each other, you shouldn’t use these two ingredients in your skincare routine. That’s because they can be very irritating to your skin.
So, use vitamin C in the morning and retinol in your night skincare routine.

– Can I use hyaluronic acid with retinol?

You definitely should use this awesome combo in your skincare routine because hyaluronic acid can help reduce one side effect of retinol: dry skin. That’s because it draws water to your skin and helps keep it.

– Can you use glycolic acid with retinol?

Another ingredient that you can pair together with retinol is glycolic acid. Although, if you’re prone to irritation, you may want to use it on alternate nights. 

And if you want to use them together in the same skincare routine, these are some great tips:

  • Start with a lower percentage of these ingredients and go up with time. Although, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you’ll have to go slower or maybe consult with a dermatologist.
  • Begin with one ingredient and slowly add the other.
  • Listen to your skin.

– Can you use benzoyl peroxide with retinol?

On the other hand, you shouldn’t mix retinol with benzoyl peroxide because they cancel each other. Thus, it can become less effective.

– Can I use lactic acid with retinol?

As long as, you don’t experience any irritation, you can use them in the same skincare routine.

Side effects of retinol

This active ingredient has some adverse reactions to your skin:
– It can irritate your skin. Thus, use other ingredients that calm your skin, like niacinamide, and introduce retinol slowly in your skincare routine with low concentration.
– Plus, it causes sun sensitivity. So, use it only at night, or if you use it during the day, apply sunscreen and reapply it.
– It may worsen one type of acne: red, sore, and inflamed pimples.

The bottom line

Retinol will help to even your skin tone and will give you a younger appearance. So, it’s a great option to add to your night skincare routine.

– From the drugstore

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