4 Ingredients for your dry skin

In this post, I’ll show how you can get rid of dry skin using ingredients that hydrate your skin and prevent epidermal water loss.
Also, these ingredients relieve the symptoms of dry skin, such as flaky, redness, chapped, and irritated skin.
As a consequence, your skin will be very soft and glowy.

1. Tocopherol

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Tocopherol is a form of vitamin E and is an antioxidant. That it hydrates your skin, plus it relieves chapped and flaky skin.
As a result, using this form of vitamin E, your skin will become more soft, elastic, and glowy skin.

2. Ceramides

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Another key ingredient to add to your skincare routine is ceramides. 
Ceramides will keep your skin barrier strong. As a consequence, ceramides prevent transepidermal water loss. As a result, your skin will retain moisture better. 
So ceramides will give you firm and plump skin.

3. Glycolic acid

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Glycolic acid has humectant properties, so it’ll help your skin to be hydrated.
Plus, it’s a chemical exfoliant that removes your dead cells, for smoother.

4. Panthenol

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Panthenol is a perfect ingredient for your skin type because it relieves some symptoms of dry skin, such as irritated skin and redness to your skin.
As a result, your skin will become more smooth, calm, and soft.
Also, it does all of that while it improves moisture retention in your skin and prevents epidermal water loss.

The bottom line

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Your skincare routine should have hydrating ingredients, like vitamin E, and glycolic acid. That will give you soft and plump skin.
Also, your skincare routine has to contain ingredients that prevent epidermal water loss. So you can add ceramides and panthenol to create firm and smooth skin.
Finally, to treat the symptoms of dry skin, you can use tocopherol and panthenol to calm the skin. As a result, your skin will be softer and less sensitive. 

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